1- Customer & Content Identification

Effective lead generation starts with knowing your target market and customer avatar.  We define your ideal prospects and identify the content that will attract their attention. We then assess where your prospects are most likely to find this content and place it there to capture their attention and build awareness and leads for you.

2- Strategic Content Creation

Compelling, useful content is vital to successful lead generation. We develop strategic content by tapping into your company’s expertise, value and unique selling proposition. Working together with your subject matter experts, using a structured process, creates content that will capture the attention of your target audience.

3- Sophisticated Targeting

Using our understanding of your ideal customer, we promote and distribute your content through social media channels that will connect with buyers. We leverage your existing community of contacts and customers, and target new prospects who don’t yet know about your company, but demonstrate an interest in your products and services.

4- Lead Capture

Knowing the contact information of who is interested in your services or content is critical.  We use a variety of content – from webinars to downloadable content (photos, videos, podcasts, blogs), needs assessments, and others – together with software and capture forms on your website or landing pages to capture your leads’ information.

5- Sales Qualification and Lead Nurturing

In collaboration with your sales team, we identify which leads are qualified and which should be nurtured. We implement lead nurturing processes to stay in touch with those leads that aren’t yet ready to buy and pass the leads that are ready to purchase to your sales team to close.

" We Believe What We Want To Believe, And Once We Believe Something, 

It Becomes A Self-fulfilling Truth" 

- Seth Godin